==> You are now the CAPTAIN AMERICA FANDOM and you're pretty old fashioned despite your young appearance. You spend most of your time training and thinking of the old days plus that certain someone. But at the moment...
==> ROGERS. Shine your SHIELD.

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MUN: Alright so here’s a mini explanation for my random week hiatus which will probably happen again unfortunatley…

MUN: So first of all, school has not been to kind to me so I’ve been stressing a bit. (stress does not help me draw one bit!) Then I caught a cold! (which I still have) During the week though, while I was not being active on my two blogs Cap and dear Dolly, I was watching Sherlock which I have fallen in love with. Hope that clears everything up for every one.

MUN: Oh and I’ll probably be most active on the weekends, sorry sweethearts! 

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    // nooooooooooooooo no being sick ;A; Fell better love!
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